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Hysterical and Useless

20 March 1989
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Hello! I am Danielle.
30 rock, 40s, 506th parachute infantry regiment, 80s, all edgar/simon films, animation, art, askew, back to the future, band of brothers, batman, ben linus, bill bailey, bioware owns my soul, bob dylan's hands, bowie, brad bird, chuck, cillian murphy, comics, curahee!!, damien lewis, dancing like mr bean, dermot whelan, derren brown, dick winters, doc roe, easy company, eccentric billionaires, faradaaaay, faraday is not dead, films, fine art, firefly, furry little bastard, g-g-g-galway, gameboy, general nerdery, generation kill, george luz, ghostbusters, gossip girl, graham linehan, gwyneth paltrow, harry potter, hating superman, iron man, it crowd, jack sucks, joss whedon, keith murray's dashing smile, kiss kiss bang bang, kotor, laughing, lost, lundonnn, luz' hair, mac and me, matt berry's voice, nathan fillion's nose, neal mcdonough, norman rockwell, notemine, painting, paris, patrick wolf, pokemon, pretty dresses, prison break, radiohead, ray ray, rdj's murse, robert downey jr, ron livingston, scofield, scott pilgrim, secretly crushing on derren, simon amstell, simon pegg, smoking popes, smug beard-faced men, spaced, spiderman, stanley donwood, stephen fry's eton accent, sunshine, supernatural, the office, thom yorke, tim bisley's beard, tony stark, top gear, twin tigers!, veidt's purple suit, video games, watchmen, we are scientists, webster you fuck, wes anderson associations, when stephen fry swears, withnail and i, xiu xiu, xkcd, zelda, zombies