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I drew Babe Heffron from Band of Brothers a couple of weeks ago.

Also I am completely and irrevocably in love with the following: 

- Kyle Reese. I watched The Terminator for the first time in years the other night and oh my gosh. You know, I always try to summon a world of irony when I talk about my love for the Terminator franchise (much like Dragonball) but watching Reese and Sarah run around while the Terminator hunts them down... It's just so GREAT. Agh, I love it. And I love Reese. Cannot wait for Terminator: Salvation.

- True Blood. I promised myself that out of every show I could watch, I would never watch True Blood. But ASkars is in it and I saw the trailer for the second series and it has a BOB DYLAN SONG. And also ASkars is in it and I am a doof for anything ASkars. I was fully expecting to hate it until he showed up but spoiler: I LOVE IT. It's ridiculous and skeevy and Bill and Sookie are really boring and I love Sam and Jason is hilarious and I love Tara and her cousin whose name I can't spell and Eric! OH ERIC.♥ WHY WAS HE IN A BATH HAHAHA I love him so much. It's a testament to just how hot ASkars is, considering the gross wig.

- Everything To  Do With The New Star Trek Film. EVERYTHING.

- LOST. Even though they killed my favourite character of anything EVER. I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE FINALE JFC.

- The Following Songs:

  • Bob Dylan - Beyond Here Lies Nothin' -- from his newest album. I kind of love it and I'm not even a huge fan of Dylan's newer stuff.
  • Jace Everett - Bad Things -- You can blame True Blood for this haha
  • Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek -- I cried a single perfect tear when I found this song.
  • Dean Martin - Mambo Italiano -- This is constantly in my head. HEYYY MAMBO. MAMBO ITALIANO~
Bla bla bla! Back to drawingggg


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May. 14th, 2009 01:04 am (UTC)
You don't update that often, but there was nothing in this post I didn't like :D

The new Star Trek film... just came back from seeing it. I was such a fangirl-mess. It was amazing :D And I never like that commercial-Empire-esque shit!

Also, all the songs you listed are awesome, as is your artwork.
May. 14th, 2009 01:32 am (UTC)
Aw, yeah I'm fairly sporadic when it comes to livejournal D:

It's absolutely amazing isn't it! I saw it last week and I'm still completely agog-- I even loved the constant lens flares haha.

(And TY! ♥)
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