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I had originally written this ass-long thing about the differences between Generation Kill and Band of Brothers and how GK is a lot more light hearted but more realistic and how BoB is realistic as well, but you're distanced from it because it happened so long ago, but then realised that I think these thoughts but I cannot translate them into words. Psssh!

Because I've not been in college, I've had a load of free time on my hands. So I've been watching loads of films! My spoiler free thoughts on a few of them:

1. The International: One of the worst films I've ever seen! Oh my God, I can't even comprehend how bad it was. We decided to go because we thought it'd be a bit like Jason Bourne but British. IT IS NOTHING LIKE BOURNE. And it like, made no sense. John and I spent virtually the entire film saying, "wait, what?"
And heres a stupid, barely related anecdote. The film is about Clive Owen being in Interpol, yeah?
SCENE: My friend and I are on the train, reading the morning paper.
ME: "Oh my God, this is so awesome! Interpol caught a pedophile!!!"
FRIEND: "When they say Interpol, they mean the government, not the band."
ME: "oh."
So while Clive Owen was running around being all governmental and whatnot, I couldn't help but think back to this conversation and imagine that Clive Owen was actually just some dude in a post-punk revivial band, running around and shooting at people in the Guggenheim. (which is probably why I spent most of the film going, "WHAT" come to think of it)

2. The Green Mile: I honestly don't know how I have never seen this film before! Frank Darabont is amazing and I am deeply in love with Tom Hanks, so how this flew under (or is it over? Idioms confuse me) my radar. But anyway, I loved it. I cried like a little baby and I have never hated a character as much as I hate Percy. What a fucking jerk! I cannot get over how much I hate him. It's even translated over to LOST (he plays Horace. Who seemed like a nice enough chap, BUT NOT ANYMORE. Fucking jerk.)

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: Am I allowed to talk about how I saw this? Or will Fox come knocking at my door? Whatevs! I thought it was pretty lame, not gonna lie. And I know it was like, a workprint, so it's not finished, but it was still shit. I liked the beginning where it went through every war (oh, various war films/shows, you have forever tainted me) but that's it. And I'm not just saying it's lame because a Certain Character was only in it for like, 5 seconds. And Gambit was such a deus ex machina. :|

4. The Royal Tenenbaums: Another film that I never saw, but should have. GAAAH I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I know it's painfully trendy to like Wes Anderson films but I don't care! I hang my ridiculously large Darjeeling Limited poster with pride! I loved the music, the characters, the script, everything. And my favourite scene was definitely the one where Elliott Smith's "Needle In The Hay" was being played. It was kind of a perfect film? I never feel like I watch perfect films, I've always got something to whine about so um, yeah. Haha.

No art/sketchbook posts yet. I like to post them in one big clump so maybe in a week or two. I'll probably end up posting them to jr__nal as well? idk. GOD I am so tired. And this is a really big entry. I'm sorry!

And the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are has tricked me into liking Arcade Fire. :(

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