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Olafur Eliasson

The newest picspammy challenge is "Non-Fandom" so doing a picspam based on Olafur Eliasson seemed perfect! For those of you who don't know him, he's a Danish-Icelandic artist who works mainly with installation art. He's probably most famous for the New York Waterfalls and The Weather Project. I'm... a little bit obsessed with him, so this is a pretty big picspam! 
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This is just a fraction of his work-- if you're interested in seeing more, please visit his website. Also, he's got a really great talk on ted.com, where he talks about his inspiration for the New York waterfalls, amongst other things.
(It took ages to put this together, so please do not steal or repost any of this on Tumblr or anything!)

picture credit: olafureliasson.net / flickr.com

The Colours of the Fall

The current picspammy challenge is all about colour, so what better film to picspam than The Fall! I went totally overboard, so if you've got dial-up, I recommend you stay away!
We're a strange pair, aren't we?Collapse )(Amazing caps from here. And it took ages to colour and organise these caps, so please don't go posting it on Tumblr or anything, thanks!)


I love Chaplin. And while RDJ is my favourite part of the movie (when is he not!), the opening sequence is a close second. idk I just thought it'd work well for the current Picspammy challenge cause it starts off with The Tramp in black and white and then slowly goes into colour as he takes off all the make-up and becomes Charlie Chaplin. (Ooh, metaphors!)

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Man, I cannot get enough of this film and it's trailers. And I've completely overdone it on caps, so this picspam is huge! Someone needs to take my photoshop away, seriously.

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Where The Wild Things Are trailer

(I'm mainly posting this here so I can link it to picspammy, so sry people on my flist, I know you don't care haha.)

I did not grow up reading Where The Wild Things Are. I don't think I've ever even heard of it until Spike Jonze started development on the film. (It just wasn't well known here in Ireland, I guess!) But every time I watch the trailer I get all verklempt. Thought it'd be a good idea to finally post something to picspammy and this seemed to fit the current challenge, so!


I drew Babe Heffron from Band of Brothers a couple of weeks ago.

Also I am completely and irrevocably in love with the following: 

- Kyle Reese. I watched The Terminator for the first time in years the other night and oh my gosh. You know, I always try to summon a world of irony when I talk about my love for the Terminator franchise (much like Dragonball) but watching Reese and Sarah run around while the Terminator hunts them down... It's just so GREAT. Agh, I love it. And I love Reese. Cannot wait for Terminator: Salvation.

- True Blood. I promised myself that out of every show I could watch, I would never watch True Blood. But ASkars is in it and I saw the trailer for the second series and it has a BOB DYLAN SONG. And also ASkars is in it and I am a doof for anything ASkars. I was fully expecting to hate it until he showed up but spoiler: I LOVE IT. It's ridiculous and skeevy and Bill and Sookie are really boring and I love Sam and Jason is hilarious and I love Tara and her cousin whose name I can't spell and Eric! OH ERIC.♥ WHY WAS HE IN A BATH HAHAHA I love him so much. It's a testament to just how hot ASkars is, considering the gross wig.

- Everything To  Do With The New Star Trek Film. EVERYTHING.

- LOST. Even though they killed my favourite character of anything EVER. I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE FINALE JFC.

- The Following Songs:

  • Bob Dylan - Beyond Here Lies Nothin' -- from his newest album. I kind of love it and I'm not even a huge fan of Dylan's newer stuff.
  • Jace Everett - Bad Things -- You can blame True Blood for this haha
  • Fred Astaire - Cheek to Cheek -- I cried a single perfect tear when I found this song.
  • Dean Martin - Mambo Italiano -- This is constantly in my head. HEYYY MAMBO. MAMBO ITALIANO~
Bla bla bla! Back to drawingggg

Acrylics, colouring pencils and pen. Took maybe an hour?
I had originally written this ass-long thing about the differences between Generation Kill and Band of Brothers and how GK is a lot more light hearted but more realistic and how BoB is realistic as well, but you're distanced from it because it happened so long ago, but then realised that I think these thoughts but I cannot translate them into words. Psssh!

Because I've not been in college, I've had a load of free time on my hands. So I've been watching loads of films! My spoiler free thoughts on a few of them:

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No art/sketchbook posts yet. I like to post them in one big clump so maybe in a week or two. I'll probably end up posting them to jr__nal as well? idk. GOD I am so tired. And this is a really big entry. I'm sorry!

And the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are has tricked me into liking Arcade Fire. :(